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I think it goes without saying that the first few days of a new job are daunting, so we don’t need to go into detail about how nerve-wracking walking into the office for the first time was. Life as an intern doesn’t have the best reputation in the industry... so no pressure there then.

So when we were greeted by a team of smiling people who seemed genuinely happy to help, it was a relief to say the least. Life at I-COM is fast-moving, lively and motivating for my future career.

Our time here has literally flown by (excuse the cliché) and we’ve been tasked with: studying for and ultimately passing a Google Adwords Fundamentals exam, writing creative content for social media pages, constructing blog posts and collecting data to create client databases.

There’s no 9-5 routine here, you’re working with different clients and marketing platforms each week, so boredom is not on the agenda. The clients range from dentistry firms to retail brands, providing a whole array of tasks to get stuck into.

As expected, there are some great perks to the job. The modern offices are located in Central Manchester, ideal for anyone commuting via public transport (just off the busiest bus route in Europe). We were also given a free lunch, of our choosing, after entering an internal competition, so we went straight down to the local Burrito Bar, not bad for a day’s work!

All in all, at I-COM we’ve learnt more about life in the marketing world than we ever would in a university lecture hall. We’d highly recommend this experience to any first years looking to get ahead of their peers and secure a sandwich year placement, provided they have the commitment and drive to stand out from the competition.

Kate & Charli
Manchester Metropolitan University