16th February 2015

It's Not Official Until it's on Facebook

Liam Hughes

With Ofcom reporting that 96% of UK adults have a Facebook profile, its safe to say that the mainstream social media network has fulfilled its mission to “give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected".

Last week, readwrite.com reported on Facebooks upcoming feature allowing users to nominate a “legacy contact" - a family member, friend or someone else they trust who will be given responsibility of their account if they pass away.

News of this additional feature has left us wondering about the power Facebook has over the 1.39 billion monthly active users who share so much of their lives on the social network and what kind of things Facebook might have an influence over in the future. (Be warned, we have been a little far-fetched with some of our ideas, but who knows..it could happen!)

1) Relationship Status

Forget receiving a blessing from God, or heading to the registry office, just put your status on Facebook as married and youll be legally and eternally joined with the one you love.


2) Medical Treatment

Those requiring medical attention will need to check into a hospital via Facebook and submit photographic evidence of their ailment. Without it, doctors and nurses will not be able to provide treatment.

3) Sharing Family News

If you have some news to share, for example a pregnancy or a house move, the only way it becomes real is if you post an update showing a growing bump, a set of house keys with two champagne glasses or a pregnancy scan. If you dont make it Facebook official, people may not believe that its true and you may not receive the keys or your child until you do so.


4) Going on Holiday

When youre checking in at the airport, itll become obligatory to check in on Facebook and provide a selfie of you holding your plane tickets, enjoying an airport beer or holding your luggage when you show your passport - failure to do so will mean you wont be able to jet off to your destination.

5) Eating and Drinking

Some people say grace before their meal to thank those that have provided the delicious food and drink that is before them. Others share selfies. In years to come, you wont be able to feel full from a meal unless youve posted an update on Facebook to let everyone on your friends list know that you are about to eat.


So, this was just a little bit of fun, but its clear from the “legacy contact´┐Ż news that Facebook is becoming a serious part of peoples lives, and listening and adapting to suit the needs of its users.

Have you got any suggestions (no matter how ridiculous) about what Facebook will have power over next? Let us know your thoughts on our Twitter account.