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‘Content strategy’ is the buzzword of the moment in online marketing and it refers to anything you produce and distribute online either on your own site, via social media or via partner sites which raises your brand profile and encourages people to take action by educating or entertaining them.

One simple method of creating shareable content which helps raise your visibility, establish your expertise and improve your search visibility is online PR – taking newsworthy stories and distributing them to online publications, blogs and over social media channels with the aim of getting the stories covered.

The key to getting good visibility for your PRs is simply having something worthwhile to say that might interest a journalist. Whether it’s an interesting take on a current event or issue of the day, a striking set of statistics, an unusual or moving story to tell or a unique, groundbreaking case study.

As more businesses discover the power of getting their traditional stories out online, competition to get the attention of journalists has become fierce, so it’s important to choose the right stories and send them to the right people.