23rd April 2021

I-COM Podcast: Transforming a Traditional Analogue Business into a Digital One

Ryan Cunningham

I had the pleasure of chatting in this episode with our guest Anouk Brown, Head of Digital and Marketing at the hugely successful automotive tech company AAMP Global, where we discuss the journey of driving growth and strategic renewal by transforming a traditional analogue business into a digital one. 

Automotive has been hit really hard during the coronavirus pandemic - so what's happening during the recovery stage and what can we learn from it?

With most people having made the physical return back to work by now and non-essential shops have re-opened, what happens to your digital transformation project now?

Does your traditional B2B brand still have to transform to a ‘digital-first’ one to be the market leader in your vertical?

As 2021 moves through Q2, the world of ecommerce has changed yet again, and customers of all types are more willing to go online for their automotive needs, so our I-community podcast conversation is a timely one.

If you’re in B2B ecommerce or automotive and are interested in understanding more about digital transformation, this is an essential listen.

In this extra long 60-minute episode we unpick;

  • The reasons for digital transformation
  • The common mistakes and getting it wrong with a ‘digital only’ transformation project
  • The AAMP rebrand and roll-out application across customer touch points
  • Managing an autonomous house of brands
  • Communicating to multiple B2B audiences
  • The importance of audience personas
  • Why content marketing has become a buzzword for B2B businesses
  • Closing the gap between marketing strategy and the delivery
  • ERP systems and the point when digital transformations starts to take ‘grip’ with implementation
  • Managing the human operational element to digital transformation

There's no doubt the digital trend is set to accelerate further – retailers of all kinds, whether offline, B2C, or B2B ecommerce, will seek to either transform their digital experiences completely or shape up their hybrid model to connect better with customers on social media, app, or website, as 2021 brings a whole lot of new expectations to online retail.

There's plenty of great things to come from Anouk and AAMP Global in the future as they accelerate their digital marketing efforts, utilise online media to drive awareness and demand as part of their omni-channel growth strategy.

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