6th April 2021

I-COM Podcast: Leading Organisational Transformation

Ryan Cunningham

Today's I-Community guest is Peter Jow, Managing Director of Progressive Safety Footwear and Clothing. In this episode Peter shares his experiences of what's required when leading organisational transformation, and innovation is needed to keep up with a fast-moving business landscape.

Peter champions developing individuals in his team, working on relationships and communication between employees, and talks about problem-solving during organisational transformation, and his hands-on approach to leadership during a whirlwind of retail change and a global pandemic.

We discuss with Peter during this fascinating interview;

  • Sharing the transformation plan and aligning everyone to it
  • Key reasons to have well-defined business processes when scaling
  • Encouraging flexibility and being outcome driven when people are working from home


Peter describes how dynamics in their customer-base shifted significantly during Covid-19 and thankfully the initiative to re-imagine their digital sales and marketing processes for B2B audiences was already underway when not surprisingly, after adjusting to largely buying online, their clients naturally compared procurement processes to their personal B2C experiences.

Peter reflects on the present day confusion of what ‘digital’ is, how companies that adapt quickly can rise from the crisis as market leaders, and how digital change management has become an essential skill of effective leadership today.

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