25th November 2016

The I-COM Mince Pie Challenge

Laura Turner

Do you have what it takes to beat us in the I-COM Mince Pie Challenge?

We challenge you to eat as many mince pies as you can in two minutes, film the proof and share it with us on Twitter (@I_COM) with the hashtag #ICOMMPC. Easy!

Film it, eat it, Tweet it.


Our champion, David, managed to eat 5 in that time (video proof is below). Can you beat our best score?

Here are the instructions if you want to take part:

  1. Set the mince pies out in front of you, removing them from the tin foil and placing them on the upturned foil
  2. Provide each participant with one glass of water
  3. Get someone to time you
  4. Each mince pie must be completely swallowed before the next is eaten
  5. Set a timer for two minutes
  6. Start the timer and get eating!
  7. Film the whole thing
  8. Share on social with the winners name and the number of pies eaten

And to prove to you that we've done it ourselves, enjoy the videos below.

Good luck!