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According to this story on the BBC today, it may now be against the law in France to be so good at internet marketing that it negatively affects your competitors.

We think: what a great position to be in! Imagine working with a search marketing team who are so good at what they do that your competitors feel threatened enough to sue you for outranking them on Google.

Would you like to be that company? Well now you can! Yep, our SEO experts are so d***ed good that if you're planning on setting up shop in France, we too can get you sued by your competitors! Want to find out how? Call us today on 0161 402 3174.

In all seriousness though, this is a great example of a judge not understanding technology and of a business not caring about its customers. Surely this isn't an issue of libel but one of customer service. A blogger expressed her opinion about something that happened. Rather than demonstrating his concern over her and her experience he sued her - rather than trying to rectify the situation and then persuade her to alter the blog post.

His actions have pretty much reinforced the truthfulness of her blog post. So the post may be gone, but now the whole world, even people who haven't been searching in Google, now know that he doesn't care about his customers, only about his reputation.