7th March 2019

I-COM Celebrates International Women's Day

Rebecca Dudley

To celebrate I-COM's women of digital on International Women's Day 2019, we asked some of our ladies about their favourite things about I-COM and the digital industry. First up is our Head of PPC Jane Cragg, who is currently on maternity leave with newest lady of I-COM, baby Eleanor.

Jane Cragg, Head of PPC

Jane Cragg

Throw yourself in there, it's well worth it! You get put what you put in and every day can be different. I often say my one piece of advice is to 'be nosey', if you don't know how to do it, research, learn, find out..and pass it on!

Mindy Gofton, Head of Strategy and Innovation

Mindy Gofton

My favourite thing about I-COM? I love that I can always be looking one step ahead of what we're doing and that I'm given the trust and the freedom to bring new ideas and new techniques into the business and to experiment. I'd get bored without the constant change.

To women looking to get into digital, I'd say, "Do what's right for you." Don't look at what other women are doing, and don't look at the gender breakdown of the companies you're applying to work at. Just find one thing in digital that you can do really well and do it.

If you are feeling overlooked or ignored because of your gender, then you can always reach out to other women in the digital marketing community for support and mentorship - and given the demand for good digital marketers across the industry, you should be able to change jobs until you find a place where you're happy and appreciated.

Liz Walmsley, Brand Marketing Strategist


Go for it! There are so many different kinds of job roles available in digital marketing that there'll undoubtedly be something that matches your skills and your passions. Creative thinkers, excellent writers, planners and strategists, PR and outreachers, designers and coders, analysts and data-lovers.

You may start in one role and end up in discovering something much more niche or specialist that feels like a natural fit. Be open to learning and trying new techniques, and never underestimate the usefulness of Google Analytics.. ;)

Fiona White, Head of PR

fiona white.jpg

What I love best about I-COM is the weird and wonderful mix of clients and work. One day in December I was working on a political commentary piece for a recruitment client at the same time as adapting The Twelve Days of Christmas carol to be sang in the voice of a cartoon fatberg. Just another day at I-COM!

And for women looking to get into digital, speak to friends, family, old colleagues - anyone! You're bound to be connected to someone who works in the sector who can give you a real insight into the industry, as well as advice and maybe even a job. My last two jobs have happened from conversations with friends and old colleagues.

Hannah Spelman, SEO Consultant

Hannah Spelman

I chose to work in digital marketing because it's creative and a fun environment. Digital marketing encompasses a lot of different services and enables you to work with a broad range of people.

My favourite thing about working here is that my managers are really supportive, it's flexible and we're just a nice bunch of people to work with. There is a lot of interaction between the different department which is great. I also like the fact that we aim to do something together socially at least once a month.

To encourage other women who are looking to start working in digital marketing, I'd say that digital marketing is creative, broad, and fun! There's a variety of different roles to work in and there's a demand for digital marketing too, which is important to think about when considering a long-term career.

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