22nd October 2018

Google Reviews: Where are You Going WRONG?

Hannah Spelman

Reviews can make or break a business when it's in its infancy, but they actually have a lot of power over any business, large or small. Google reviews in particular are a quick way for prospective customers to see whether they wish to enlist your services. They can also be a factor in determining where your business is positioned in the map listings. There can be several issues with actually getting reviews you've received to appear. We've put together a trouble-shooting guide that should help to ensure this problem plagues you no longer.

Review Spikes

You should always ask customers to leave reviews if they have enjoyed your service but you should do this on an individual basis. If you send out a mass request to your customer email list and experience an influx of reviews Google will flag this as they will know you have probably solicited customers. Google prefers for customers to leave reviews of their own volition as this shows how genuine their satisfaction with your services was.

For this reason if you would like your customers to review you, make sure you send your emails in a staggered fashion or email each customer with a link to your Google business page once they have completed their business with your company.

Duplicated Google Reviews

If your reviewer simply copies and pastes their review from one that already exists then this will likely result in Google removing it. Google always wants unique content, anything less than this just wont do, even if the original review was from another site.

No Spam Please!

What Google wants, and what your prospective customers want, is a genuine review. If a review left for your business contains a URL or a phone number Google may see this as someone trying to spam your reviews, perhaps in order to gain more visibility for their own company. Unfortunately, this may not be the case as many people could be including a link to a competitor of yours and stating that what you do or provide is better than them. A way to avoid this problem is to specify that customers dont include links when leaving a review.

On-site Reviews

Though you're most likely to get a review from a customer when they're on your premises when you're in a good position to request this, it could be counterproductive. If, for example, you were to reserve a computer or iPad solely for customers so they could fill out reviews this will look like a conflict of interest to Google.

As the review will be linked to your IP address, it will appear to Google as if you or your employees are trying to create fake reviews in order to boost your business and they'll view this as a conflict of interest.


For more help with your Google reviews, get in touch with our digital marketing experts today by calling 0161 402 3170 or using our nifty contact form. We can help you ensure your reviews are working hard for you - and we can also offer advice and a way forward if the reviews you are receiving are less than favourable!