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This month we caught up with Dan Clark, Marketing Director at JMW


What led you to a career in marketing?

I obtained a marketing degree and as most graduates once the summer was over I started to job hunt. I literally joined JMW 6 months after leaving University having seen the advert for a Marketing Executive role at JMW in the Manchester Evening News! I joined as the firm’s first dedicated marketing person and I am still here nearly 14 years later as Director of Marketing!

Who inspires you in business and why?

My Dad has always inspired me to do well – you only get out what you put in was his motto and he has never been wrong. He was successful in every position he held and I have very much took inspiration from him. Richard Branson is someone I also admire as he grasped an opportunity all those years back and has without doubt become one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs through his vision and willingness to never give up.

What item could you not do without every day?

I think it would have to be my iPhone. Critical to both business and personal use now!

What animal best describes you and why?

I will go safe and say… Owl, I would hope I am wise and sensible!

What is your biggest achievement to date (in life or business)?

In life without doubt my two boys – Joshua and Reece and of course my wife Claire! Business wise I have been so fortunate in recent years to be so heavily involved with the development of JMW. The last 3 years has seen fantastic growth and excellent brand recognition for us and I am extremely proud of what we have achieved particularly in what has been a very difficult period for UK business.

If you didn't go down this career path where do you think you would be?

I always really fancied being an air traffic controller or physiotherapist – distinctly different but I would have liked to have done either role as an alternative!

Here are the quickies...

Films or books?

Films – when I get the chance!

Tea or coffee?

Coffee with milk (strong)

Tomato sauce or brown sauce?

Tomato all day

Dressed up or dressed down?

Definitely dressed up

Hot or cold?

Definitely hot preferably on the beach!