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Each month I-COM will be getting to know one of our lovely clients a little better and finding out exaclty what makes them tick.

This month we took the time to get to know Albie Attias, E-commerce Director at King of Servers. King of Servers sell IT servers and sever hardware online and have been working with I-COM for a year.


So Albie.....

What led you to a career in IT/E-commerce?

I first flirted with online back in the mid-nineties whilst at university. I used to log on via the campus library waiting patiently for pages to load in Netscape Navigator (no Google back then) over a 56k connection. I was immediately enamoured by the web and taught myself basic HTML and later JavaScript & ASP in a bid to make my own contributions online. After graduating, I had brief stints in sales and later programming so I suppose it was the perfect foundation for an e-commerce career. A lifelong friend worked for a IT hardware supplier looking to set up shop online and, knowing my background, he approached me to take on the role. It was the perfect opportunity so I was quick to say yes. That was back in 2000 and I’ve been running websites ever since albeit with a 4 year spell working agency side rather than client side.

Who inspires you in business and why?

Lots of people. I suspect like most people, I take inspiration from a number of sources including the oft touted prominent successful business people like Branson, Jobs and the Dragons but also the friends, former bosses and relatives who’ve been brave enough to go it alone and built up profitable businesses from scratch. Inspiration comes in different ways – I’ve been fortunate to work with visionary, creative types but also more down to earth, methodical people. You learn things from everyone I think, there’s no single correct approach to running a business.

What item could you not do without every day?

It would have to be my mobile phone. A few years ago when phones were just phones I might have said coffee but these days phone calls are almost incidental with email, web, social media, games and more all constantly clamouring for my attention. If it goes missing for more than half an hour or so I start to feel mildly panicked. Sad really…

What animal best describes you and why?

I hate questions like this but if you must ask I’d have to go with a bull as I’m headstrong, like to keep my feet on the ground, can be stubborn and set in my ways and have been known to speak plenty of bull, especially when answering questions like this one.

What is your biggest achievement to date (in life or business)?

I don’t think I can pick just one. Wife and children aside, personal achievements would have to include jumping out of a perfectly good plane and two TV appearances (one for dancing, one for bible knowledge – don’t ask!). One the business front, launching two online businesses from scratch and helping some of the biggest UK multichannel retailers improve their online presence are perhaps my most noteworthy achievements to date.

If you didn't go down this career path, where do you think you would be?

I’d have probably ended up in some form of IT role, possibly as a programmer or IT Manager as aside from the attraction to tech, I enjoy the cerebral challenge and problem solving aspects of these roles.

Here are the quickies...

Films or books?

Yes, love both and would love more time to take in more of them. Too hard to pick out a single one but here’s a fave film list I made earlier.

Tea or coffee?

Both, coffee when I’ve had too little sleep (a frequent occurrence with two young boys)

Tomato sauce or brown sauce?

Rarely either but brown sauce with Cottage pie – always! Making my mouth water actually…

Dressed up or dressed down?

Dressed down

Hot or cold?

Hot which is a shame living in Manchester.