26th September 2013

Getting to Know: Shannon Oakley, Accessoryo.com

Laura Turner

Following on with our monthly catch ups, this month we took the time to get to know Shannon Oakley,
Creative Director and Head Buyer at Accessoryo.#

So Shannon...

What Led You to a Career in Fashion e-Commerce?

I change my career path depending on the TV show Im binge-watching. So House of Cards I wanted to be the president… Game of Thrones, I wanted to be Cersei, but nobody noticed the difference. When I got the job at Accessoryo.com I must have been watching Lost, Mad Men and The Hills at the same time. Im currently watching Fargo and Orange Is The New Black… Haha.

Who Inspires You in Business and Why?

Being male you would think I would choose an inspirational man, but my name is Shannon, so I will say Natalie Massenet the founder of Net-a-Porter. She basically shaped the online buying platform of today and realised the potential of content for e-commerce before anybody else and brought magazine to the web. Send me clothes Nat.

What Item Could You Not Do Without Everyday?​​​​​​​

iPhone. I have trouble waking up in the morning. I once placed my iPhone on top of my wardrobe so when the alarm goes off in the morning the climb to turn it off would wake me up. I was away from my iPhone for half a minute, and late for work ever since.

What is Your Biggest Achievement to Date (In Life or Business)?​​​​​​​

Getting Accessoryo.com featured in Vogue ITALIA. It was all by accident I sent a clutch bag to a blogger and she happened to take it to a Vogue photoshoot with her. But if anyone asks I know all Vogue editors.

Oh and being the face of I-COMs ‘Getting to know you… Easy, breezy, Cover Girl.

If You Didn't Go Down this Career Path Where Do You Think You Would Be?​​​​​​​

Shopping in sears. Mean Girls reference.

Here are the Quickies...​​​​​​​

Films or Books?​​​​​​​

Film adaptations of books and then saying books.

Tea or Coffee?​​​​​​​

Coffee at work, tea at home.

Dressed Up or Dressed Down?​​​​​​​

I wear ankle length camel coats over the shoulder to Tesco - so dressed down.

Hot or Cold?​​​​​​​

Wintour is coming ;-)

Did I get enough SEO keywords in there? :-P