12th December 2013

Getting to Know You..Marion Hughes, LSE Retail Group

Mike Blackburn

In December we caught up with our e-commerce client LSE Retail Group (Iconic Lights, Value Lights & MiniSun) and got to know the Senior Brand Manager a little better.

So Marion...

What Led You to A Career in Marketing?

While I was in my second year of a marketing degree I started interning part-time with LSE Retail Group as part of my course. After graduating I was employed full time where I progressed in to Brand Management and I am now employed as Senior Brand Manager of the company.

Who Inspires You in Business and Why?

Opra Winfrey - I know most people think of her as a TV personality but when I hear her name I think business.

Oprah Winfrey is probably the most powerful woman alive today. An entrepreneur, and undoubtedly the most influential woman of our generation Opera has shown that women have the power to grow business, make money and even influence politics.

“I always knew I was destined for greatness" Oprah Winfrey

What Item Could You Not Do Without Everyday?

My iCloud. . . . it literally contains my life!

What Animal Best Describes You and Why?

A monkey I'm cheeky, inquisitive and always up to no good!

What is Your Biggest Achievement to Date (In Life or Business)?

I count everyday as great achievement if I make it through without out hurting myself. Im so clumsy . . . doh!

If You Didn't Go Down this Career Path Where Do You Think You Would Be?

Fashion buyer or textile designer

Here are the quickies..

Films or Books?

Can I have both please?

Tea or Coffee?

Tea, all day, every day!

Tomato Sauce or Brown Sauce?

Come on . . . it has to be HP brown!!

Dressed Up or Dressed Down?

Dress up

Hot or cold?

Hot, I hate being cold!!