29th July 2014

Getting to know you..Bruce Hatton, Hattons Solicitors

Rebecca Dudley

This month we caught up with Bruce Hatton, Senior Partner at Hattons Solicitors.


So Bruce...

What Led You to A Career in Law?

My brother is a lawyer and his job seemed interesting and challenging. The variety of ways to help people and what I thought at the time would be a respected and fulfilling profession to follow gave me the incentive to go down this path.

Who Inspires You in Business and Why?

I am impressed by self made business people who are honest, hardworking and who care about their customers Alan Sugar for example.

What Item Could You Not Do Without Every Day?

My Nespresso Coffee machine, and my IT case management system at work, without either I can't operate

Which Animal Best Describes You and Why?

They say that animals reflect their owners. My 17 year old Tom Cat is slowing down, a bit chubbier than he was but loyal ,caring but still has the instinct to spring into action and attack when he needs to so I would say an animal like him.

What is Your Biggest Achievement to Date (In Life or Business)?

Making my parents proud, and it's an achievement to have such a great family around me. Im quite happy with how my business career has gone too building up Hattons and recently being appointed to a Judges role was very satisfying too.

If You Didn't Go Down this Career Path Where Do You Think You Would Be?

Who knows, definitely not a professional golfer or athlete given my (lack of) proficiency in both disciplines

Here are the Quickies..

Films or Books?


Tea or Coffee?


Tomato Sauce or Brown Sauce?

Depends what it's with so both

Dressed Up or Dressed Down?

Dressed up

Hot or Cold?

Cold - you can always put a sweater on!