26th August 2014

Getting to know you.. Anna Gibbons, Sellick Partnership

Rebecca Dudley

This month we caught up with one of our recruitment clients; Anna Gibbons, Corporate Communications Director at Sellick Partnership.

So Anna..

What Led You to a Career in Marketing?

I studied business and marketing at university, and enjoyed a successful placement year at Marks and Spencer which spurred me on to follow a career in marketing. I love the creativity, fast pace and the fact that you always have to be ten steps ahead of your competitors.

I started my career in London, which was where I really found my feet, quickly gaining responsibility and establishing myself in the recruitment industry and over the last ten years I have progressed from marketing assistant to Corporate Communications Director of Sellick Partnership. I love the experiences that I have had, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills that I have developed with my team to help them progress in their careers.

Who Inspires You in Business and Why?

There are a number of inspirational women in business that I can draw from, but I always benchmark myself against my first boss, Katie Chapell. She was the marketing director of the first recruitment business that I worked for - she put everything into her job, she made marketing an integral part of a sales business and she was highly respected. Plus she always had gorgeous shoes! I believe that she was a key influence on where I am today.

What Item Could You not Do Without Everyday?

My iPhone - it houses everything from my diary and contacts to social media and e-mail, meaning that as long as I have it on me I can be in touch and on top of everything.

What is Your Biggest Achievement to Date (In Life or Business)?

From a work perspective, I am immensely proud of my position at Sellick Partnership, and the impact that I have had on the business over the last seven years. I have worked hard to develop and establish our brand within the legal and financial markets, as well as positioning our business as an employer of choice within the recruitment sector.

From a personal perspective, I always try and look for new challenges whether it is a half marathon or climbing Kilimanjaro and I use them as both a physical challenge but always to raise money for charity.

If You Didn't Go Down this Career Path Where Do You Think You Would Be?

Having spent a lot of time travelling, I think I would probably be a travel writer visiting exciting and intriguing places around the world, and providing people with the information they need when going there.

Here Are the Quickies..

Films or Books?


Tea or Coffee?

Tea, always earl grey or mint.

Tomato Sauce or Brown Sauce?


Dressed Up or Dressed Down?

Dressed up, though dress-down Friday is a welcome day during the working week

Hot or Cold?

Hot countries, but a cold office - the air conditioning is forever being turned on and off..