14th September 2017

Don't Call Me Bae: Are You Engaging or Irritating Your Customers?

Mindy Gofton

If you read our blog regularly, you may be aware of a survey we did, asking people for their feedback about the ways in which brands use social media. You can read the results, or download our brand voice template.

In a nutshell, when brands use their social media accounts to broadcast, consumers turn away. However, when brands dont think very hard about their audience and instead attempt to lure people in by jumping on the latest social media trend, they come across as inauthentic.

To combat this, brands need to have a clear understanding of their own brand narrative and brand voice as well as a clear idea what their target market needs from them - and how this market expects them to deliver that information.

This requires spending time doing extensive audience research and putting together a brand voice - and teaching the whole business how to use it. When we got asked how this might impact a brand's bottom line results we struggled to find good, concrete figures, so we did a follow-up survey which revealed that communication is key in terms of getting engagement - and that to really see the benefits, brands must demonstrate they have a personality.

The slide deck below is the one I presented at BrightonSEO in September 2017, and it includes the key results from the second survey (and the first).

You'll get some good, hard figures to give to your stakeholders about why they should invest in the whole process of building a brand voice and why it's important to build a relationship with customers - all the stats and academic research tell us that emotional connection is everything. It makes for better customers who spend more and don't shop around as much.