1st July 2020

Secure Yourself from Digital Pandemics

David Walsh

As the world battles with its fight against Covid-19, businesses look towards the digital space as a safe haven.  However, as we become more reliant on the internet the threat of a "Digital Pandemic" becomes a bigger risk to the business world.

What’s a Digital Pandemic

Just as disease looks towards utilising patterns in our human biology to fight against our health and maximize its spread,  hackers look to utilise patterns in our digital platforms.  With common systems such as Wordpress and Magento being vectors hackers target with their attacks.

Users must keep their site safe by applying security updates as they are released in order to stay protected.  Unfortunately, 80% of all digital platforms remain unpatched and vulnerable.  Your website may already be unknowingly used to mine bitcoin or harvest customer credit cards.

If you don’t know if you are vulnerable or not, then you most likely are. A digital pandemic is inevitable.  Don’t get caught in it.

Looking after your Digital Health

As humans we vaccinate ourselves from disease, and as disease mutates vaccinations need to change.  The similar approach is needed with software platforms. 

Software vendors along with security experts act as digital pharmaceutical companies, spotting threats and preparing patches for public use. Testing and tweaking as side effects or new issues are identified.

Software developers, such as our team at I-COM can deliver the vaccines you need. We can patch your website to the current version protecting you from all known current threats.  It's important you keep a reliable team around you to care about your digital health and the wellbeing of your business, to avoid threats now and in the future. 

Beware of Side effects

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a digital miracle cure,  whenever you change the DNA of software, unexpected things can sometimes occur which impact the working of your site.  To minimise the risk, our team works on updates using a safe offline software environment that mimics your live site. In this way, we can detect any side effects and correct them before we ever put anything live.

Magento - End Of Life

The end of June marked the Magento 1 End of Life date. With this happening the digital pharmaceuticals have moved on, and all that is left to protect you is homoeopathy and old wives tales.  So, if you haven’t already upgraded, get in touch with our Digital GPs and make the leap to Magento 2.