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We all know building up a relationship with the person you’ve just started dating can be pretty daunting in real life. There is, for a period of time, the getting to know each other phase – whether over coffee, a light lunch or if you’ve got a penchant for cranberry cocktails, you ask each other a million and one questions.

But this all takes time! And well, quite frankly, I don’t know about you, but with my diary bursting to the seams already, trying to fit in social events, family do’s and never ending ‘to do’ tasks, it appears I don’t have time to give the budding relationship the full attention it quite rightly deserves.

So this brings me nicely to Twitter. Without even rolling out of bed, I can start connecting with someone instantly. So here are 6 reasons why I believe Twitter relationships have the edge over real life relationships:

  • Relationships blossom quicker when you only have 140 characters to talk about yourself. Cuts out the small talk and enables quick-fire answers to the questions they’ve just asked – perfect!
  • Hiding behind the guise of a computer screen, you can totally lose your inhibitions and flirt outrageously without even having to brush your hair – bonus!
  • Domestic bliss is guaranteed! Well, it’s highly unlikely that you are going to argue over whose turn it is to do the dishes now are you?
  • In the bad books? This can easily be resolved by favouriting a tweet, ‘twirting’ and declaring your love for said partner to all of your followers
  • You can post pictures of yourself all dolled up to the nines for everyone to see, and follow whoever you like without being accused of flirting
  • Want to break up with someone? It’s as simple as clicking the ‘unfollow’ button (ouch)