Tom Blackburn

Paid Marketing Executive

Name: Tom Blackburn

  • Position/Title & Department:
    PPC  - Paid Marketing Executive

    I manage the Google advertising for our clients. This involves checking in on accounts to make sure campaigns are running and there are no issues. I plan online marketing strategies for paid advertising making sure to optimise spending as much as possible with the goal to get as much return on investment as we can. I fix account settings, tracking and create advertising content which goes into campaigns, all the whilst liaising with clients, Google and other colleagues throughout the process. 
  • Experience:
    I have 3 years of experience in PPC and 5 years experience in Marketing
    I have been at ICOM since August 2023
  • Responsibilities:
    My primary responsibilities are ensuring that performance is steady on client Google accounts and that their business goals for PPC are being met.
    I create monthly reports and communicate with them when required.
  • Areas of Expertise:
    My area of expertise is Google Ads, Product Feeds and online tracking
    I have a 1st class Honours Degree in Business and Marketing
    I have various Google Ads/Analytics certifications:
    - Google Ads Display Certification
    - Google Ads Video Certification
    - AI-powered Shopping Ads Certification
    - Google Ads Search Certification
    - Google Ads Measurement Certification
    - Google Ads Apps Certification
  • Interests/Hobbies:
    I am a big Film and TV fan and will always find time to wind down and relax in front of a good show or film. I have a list of famous films from across every genre of film, era and country, over time I intend to watch everyone.
    I enjoy cooking and I am also on a quest to cook a popular meal from every country/continent in the world.
    I love listening to all types of music and reading. I also enjoy writing screenplays and making music.
  • Professional Development:
    I monitor Linkedin and follow various PPC experts in the field who often post PPC-related news and new insights into PPC marketing approaches. I also subscribe to and watch regular videos on Google Ads and PPC on best and new practices


Favourite Film:  The Lord Of The Rings

Favourite Song:  The Show Must Go On by Queen

Favourite Quote / Phrase / Saying:  “Be water my friend” - Bruce Lee