What's the Day Job?

Here at I-COM I manage a fantastic portfolio of clients, supporting them in driving strategic growth and results for their businesses. Each day I work closely with the internal I-COM digital marketing, branding, development, and project management teams to ensure my clients reap the full benefits of I-COM's expertise

I love the variety of work in this role and the fast paced nature of the work we do. Digital marketing and web are constantly evolving - it's genuinely exciting to work at the forefront of it all.

Life Before I-COM

Before moving into Client Services and agency life, I worked in-house as a Marketing & PR manager for a global data & insights consultancy. Here, my passion for data and analytics really came to life, which I am now applying in this exciting client-facing agency role.

Originally Canadian, I have lived in the UK for nearly ten years where I have built up several years of traditional and digital marketing experience. After falling in love with the leafy suburbs of Greater Manchester in 2014, myself and my partner bought and renovated an 1800s Victorian terrace where we currently live with our Standard Poodle, Arlo.

When I'm Not at Work

I have always had a passion (and a bit of a natural knack) for DIY and interior design - you’ll often find me painting, tiling, or building something on the weekend. I love working with my hands and being outdoors, so I also enjoy days at the allotment or repotting my houseplants in the garden.

I absolutely love horror and thriller films, particularly from directors like Jordan Peele, Ari Aster, and more recently, Rose Glass. I’ve also got a soft spot for surrealist and absurdist comedy.

Perhaps the most Canadian thing about me is my love of being sat around an outdoor fire or a log stove. I’d opt for a winter cabin with a fireplace over a beach any day.