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My Day-to-day

I liaise with clients on the team’s behalf and vice versa. I organise activities and make sure the strategies for each clients are implemented. I also keep an eye on the quality of work and opportunities for improvement to ensure client satisfaction.

No one day is the same. It allows me to wear different hats every day depending on what each client needs, which also means that I get to learn and experience new things every day. 

Before I-COM

I’m a Literature major from the Philippines who quickly learned that the only lucrative venture for creative writers is through web content writing, so my career has evolved immediately from applying literary theory in writing to applying SEO in writing. 

I moved from the Philippines to Singapore in 2012 where I continued to develop web content writing, PR, and digital marketing skills managing B2B and B2C websites for expats abroad and the expat industry until 2018. 

From Singapore, I then moved to the UK. My first role in the UK was in traditional events marketing for shopping centres across the country and moved me closer towards account and client management. I’ve decided not to waste years of digital marketing experience and find a role that conveniently combines both jobs without making me search for another walkabout act again, and here I am! 

What Makes Me Unique

I've memorised every line of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. 

Other bits

Thesis of the Year award 2009
AB Literature, University of Santo Tomas, Philippines
I can speak English, Tagalog, Japanese, French (beginner), Spanish (beginner) 

Ann Roberts

Ann Roberts

Client Services Manager
Joined I-COM: September 2019