What's the Day Job?

In an ever-evolving digital world, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has never been so crucial to companies wanting to create a name for themselves online. My job involves working with a range of clients, providing them with in-depth knowledge of UX and SEO techniques to help them improve their websites and increase organic traffic. 

SEO is incredibly fast-paced which makes it all the more exciting. I have to proactively stay ahead in terms of the Google algorithm, looking into developments in search engine marketing and predicting new trends and opportunities for growth. 

My role is largely technical and analytical; as an SEO Executive, I am involved in analysing competitors, compiling reports through Google Analytics, and assisting with the creation of online content. 


My love of all things SEO started during my Journalism and Foreign Languages degree where, as editor of the university website and online magazine, I trained myself and others in how to make great clickable content. I then decided to focus on Marketing - completing a Masters degree, several internships and a year’s experience as an Ecommerce Executive for a multinational fashion retailer. Although I enjoyed working in-house and gained some fantastic skills, I was always drawn to working for an agency and taking on clients from multiple industries, making the switch in late 2020. 

Any Hobbies Outside of I-COM?

Music. Find me covered in eco-friendly glitter at any live event, gig, or festival! 

Eating. I love to cook and try out new recipes (even if it does mean almost burning the house down more times than I can count). Currently on a mission to find Manchester’s best veggie food too!

Traveling. I flew out for the first time at 16 days old, from Manchester to Algiers, and I’ve not wanted to stop since. I can’t wait to go back to learning different languages and cultures, and ticking more countries off the bucket list.