Jane Cragg

Project Manager

Tell Us About Your Job

I joined I-COM in October 2012 as a Senior SEO Consultant before quickly moving across to the Paid Marketing Team. By 2013 I was heading up the Paid Marketing Team.

In 2019 I took a short break to have my daughter, and upon returning to work have taken on a new role as Project Manager, building upon all my previous knowledge and experience in the marketing team and learning new skills.

As a project manager, my role is quite diverse - it includes managing client projects as well as more day-to-day support and development retainers. It requires a lot of organisation as well as knowledge of a variety of areas within the business.

I’ve always really enjoyed working with clients across a range of industries, it means every day is different, with new challenges to tackle. Problem solving can be very rewarding - I really like working with the team and clients to try and get the most out of a site (whether it is a build, update or just an alteration). I love to be part of something which is constantly evolving and improving.

What Do You Get up to Outside of I-COM?

I’ve always been a bit of a petrolhead, driving and working on my MR2 as well as following the F1.

I also enjoy knitting and sewing (when I get time!) - bit of an eclectic mix, I know! I love reading (mostly science fiction/fantasy), and I’m currently working on writing a book with a friend of mine in the states.


  • Google Ads Search Certification
  • Google Shopping Ads Certification
  • Google Ads - Measurement Certification
  • Google Ads - Display Certification
  • Google Ads - Video Certification