Aran Noden

Content Marketing Executive

What's the Day Job?

I produce content for our clients, which helps them to tell their stories to the world. It’s so important for clients to have an online presence where customers can find out more about what they do, and for me, that means understanding their business inside out. It also means I have to be an expert in a lot of different areas, and I love the flexibility that the job demands.

Life Before I-COM

I started in content production in 2015, writing for a politics journal. The job eventually took me to Brussels, Belgium, to report on Brexit, where I triumphed over my complete lack of knowledge or interest in politics. I moved on to work in video production before starting my career at I-COM.

When I'm Not at Work

I play guitar, keyboards, harmonica and ukulele with limited virtuosity in Retrosabre, which my bandmate and I agree is the greatest band in the world that we're both in. I love kung fu movies and I hate exercise. Knitting and crocheting are also passions, and in my career, I have produced at least four hats.