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Enterprise is the I-COM Group’s entrepreneurial arm, which seeks to enter into partnerships with UK SMEs. In return for partnership, SMEs gain access to management expertise and the resources of the I-COM Agency, ensuring they grow their business much more quickly than they would on their own.
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McHale and Co


I am delighted with the website that I-COM has produced. The delivery process was unexpectedly enjoyable, and I am really pleased with the resultant look of the site. Based on past experience, I was initially skeptical as to whether it would deliver the goods, however we are on target to recoup all of our annual investment in the first 6 months and the snowball effect is now happening. I would happily endorse the team at I-COM.

Andrew McHale, Partner

What we achieved

A modernised look and feel that retained original branding. Extensive improvements in usability for site visitors and the client. Impressive increases in website traffic. Appropriate tracking capable of gauging the website's performance.

The team at McHale and Co were happy with their branding, but felt their site was in need of modernisation, both from their perspective and that of a user. By implementing extensive changes to the site's design and structure, and developing a content management system, we supplied a site that was easy to use and delivered great results.

How we did it

We delivered design concepts for the site which retained elements of the original branding, but brought its layout, structure and general feel up to date. Once these were approved, our team of developers implemented a series of changes to the site's back end, ensuring it was capable of growing as the firm grew, and making it much easier to add and edit site content.

Our search engine optimisation specialists then put together a plan of action, designed to ensure the new McHale and Co website would significantly out-perform its previous incarnations in terms of traffic, keywords and conversions.

  • Sensitively modernised website
  • Innovative online marketing strategy
  • Usability improvements
  • Scalable website structure
  • Retained original branding


  • Banners & Artwork
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Web Design
  • CMS
  • Web Development
  • Campaign Planning
  • SEO

A bit about Mchale and Co

Mchale and Co is a full service law firm with three offices in the Greater Manchester area, and a sister firm in Dubin, Ireland. The firm offers both business and personal legal services. I-COM has worked with the firm to standardise branding across its UK and Irish sites.