I-COM Calendar Girls hit back at sexism within the digital industry

After I-COM’s head of digital, Mindy Gofton, discovered that a tech magazine called Hot Tech Today has been using scantily clad women to market its product, she sent the website around the office to rest of the I-COM ladies to see how they reacted. Whilst most of us were disgusted by the concept, there was no real feeling of shock – let’s face it – it’s sadly not something particularly rare these days.

There is still a huge imbalance within UK workplaces in terms of women in senior positions. The gender equality gap has been a hot topic covered by popular women’s magazines such as Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Glamour.

The level balance of men and women among the I-COM workforce is something that we have blogged about in the past. So armed with a team of strong-headed, ambitious women it was decided that we create a calendar which mocks the use of women as sexual objects within the tech industry in a Calendar Girls fashion.

Female roles within I-COM range from creative writing positions and social media experts to senior management and technical roles. The calendar aims to demonstrate that although the I-COM ladies consist of a bunch of pretty faces, we are so much more than that and have a vast range of skills, knowledge and experience. 


You can see the full calendar in all its glory here! -