They say a picture paints a thousand words!


Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are a great way to promote your products via the Adwords system. If you have a Google Merchant account you should now know that to get the best out of it Google offers you the opportunity to advertise your products directly via Google search. 

In the campaigns that we have set up and used this on it has proved not only a more cost effective way of promoting your products and brand but also conversion rates are better than utilising normal Google search or Display advertising.

What are the benefits of product listing ads?
More traffic and leads: Many businesses experience significantly higher click through rates with product listing ads compared to standard text ads shown in the same location for shopping searches. In some cases, advertisers have experienced double or triple standard click through rates. They say a picture says a thousand words!

Better qualified leads
As a merchant, you can increase the quality of your leads by featuring product information directly in your ads to help shoppers make informed purchase decisions. This makes shoppers more likely to complete a purchase on your site.

Easy management
With product targeting, you won’t need to use keywords. Based on the product targets you set up, your product listing ads are matched with the most relevant searches using information you provide in your Google Merchant Center account.

Broader reach
More than one of your product listing ads can appear for a given customer search, and if relevant, a product listing ad and a regular text ad can also appear at the same time. This means your reach with shoppers for a single search could double.

Product Listing Ads can not only increase clicks and relevancy it can also increase sales as well as LOWER average CPC (cost per click) and a LOWER CPL (cost per lead/sale). In many cases the difference between standard PPC listings and the PLAs can be quite dramatic with up to a 70% reduction on CPC and 60% reduction on CPL.

Product Listing Ads can also give you a greater ROI, looking at figures for the same account we can see product listing ads showed an impressive ROI of 18.1 across a single month.

So if you sell products and goods, Product Listing Ads is a must and you will get more bang for your buck!

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