Google Ad-Extensions


Google ad extensions are possibly the hardest aspect of AdWords to keep up to date with – with so many different options it’s hard to know what you should be using in your account and where you should be using it! Call Extensions? Offer Extensions? Review Extensions? Email Extensions? – The list is endless!

Although it may not seem it at times extensions can be the easiest way to improve your campaign. It never ceases to amaze us how often these simple changes – that can generate significant clicks and potential sales – are overlooked.

The most important extension would probably be Sitelinks extensions – this is usually the first extension we would add to any campaign as they can be beneficial to almost all types of account. The extra landing pages they provide can increase CTR greatly making an ad much more targeted. Enhanced campaigns have improved this further with the ability to add sitelinks down to ad group level. Since the introduction of enhanced sitelinks we have seen improvements in CTR across a range of campaigns. They provide the most relevant information in the fastest way.

Two of the most recent extension additions that have caught our eye are review extensions and email extensions as they have great potential.

Email extensions allow you to include an email sign up option to the ad text – the sign up could range from subscribe to newsletter to get offers. This obviously provides you with a great opportunity to capture email details of potential customers and future sales, building your marketing lists. These extensions really do enhance your existing search ads (and they can be used with other search extensions!)

After initial introduction we have seen a big jump in clicks even before you take into account the actual email sign ups. As you can see above email extensions really do make your ads stand out from any competition that do not use this feature. One campaign saw an increase in CTR of 22.24% in the first 7 days. Google recommends adding email extensions to only Brand campaigns initially - the strength of the Brand increases likelihood of sign up.

Review extensions are particularly useful if you are launching or marketing a relatively new brand or product – links to reputable 3rd party sites can be displayed at the end of your ad text with a positive review, endorsement or award. Early Google testing (this extension is currently still in beta) has seen an uplift in CTR of 10% across 250 advertisers and 50 million impressions.

Ad extensions may have been around for years but they continue to be the easiest way to maximise your visibility on the Search Engine results page and gain you more clicks and potential customers. It’s important to keep up to date with any new offerings – keeping you one step ahead of the competition. 

Don’t get left behind!