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We know it’s not always that easy to tweet - most of us probably spend too much time thinking about the tweet than just sending the thing, and once we’ve finally sent it we wait for re-tweets...and wait... and maybe wait some more ( just in case it’s the wrong time of day)...but in most cases don’t get engagement. So why is this?

There are many reasons why people don’t engage:

- If you’re just talking about yourself or the company stop and think about what your audience wants to hear and tweet about that. You can still throw in the odd company tweet, but don’t dominate the timeline with them.

- Are you following others and re-tweeting their stuff? This is a good way to build momentum and get others to see you.

- Are you using images? If not throw in a few pictures every now and again, even if they’re a bit random and not obviously linked to your company or sector – people love a bit of variety.

- Is it just one person tweeting all the time? No one wants to hear the same voice all day in real life, and it’s no different on Twitter. Try to get as many people in your company tweeting as this spices things up a little and shows off your personality.