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- Agency
I-COM’s Agency arm is home to our design, development and marketing teams. Operating since 2004, the agency has established a reputation for excellence, with particular specialisations in marketing for the legal, recruitment, property and e-commerce sectors.
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- Enterprise
Enterprise is the I-COM Group’s entrepreneurial arm, which seeks to enter into partnerships with UK SMEs. In return for partnership, SMEs gain access to management expertise and the resources of the I-COM Agency, ensuring they grow their business much more quickly than they would on their own.
SEO Manchester is the I-COM Group’s search engine optimisation hub. It’s an informational site that aims to teach businesses about the potential of SEO, whilst at the same demonstrating the I-COM digital marketing team’s abilities.

Established in 2004, we have grown to become one of Manchester's biggest integrated digital agencies.

We use our skills in design, development and marketing to construct digital strategies that deliver on your objectives.  We're flexible, creative and excited about new media's potential to deliver genuine returns.  We are also scared of velociraptors

About Us.

Since 2004 we've gone from a pokey little office in Platt Fields, where a few employees managed to scratch out great quality websites against all the odds, to a spacious modern city centre office.  What's more, the workforce has more than quadrupled in size.

We put our exponential growth down to our dedication to developing a strong, relevant web presence for our clients, be they charities, public organisations, local or national businesses.  In every respect I-COM is a true, full-service online marketing firm.

The Machine.


The cogs in the machine.


  • Mike Blackburn
    Managing Director
  • Ravi Bhalla
    Technical Director
  • Emily Gonzalez
    Accounts Manager

Client Services

  • Kate Sherratt
    Head of Client Services
  • David Powell
    Account Manager
  • Alex Ryan
    Account Manager
  • Dan Beardshall
    Business Development Manager


  • Mindy Gofton
    Head of Marketing Strategy & Innovation
  • Ian Collins
    Head of SEO
  • Jane Cragg
    Head of Paid Search & Analytics
  • Elizabeth Sherratt
    Paid Search Consultant
  • Joe-Joe Shervin
  • Graham Allchurch
    Head of Digital Marketing
  • Jamal Atcha
    SEO Consultant
  • Rebecca Dudley
    Marketing Intern
  • Steph Staszko
    SEO Consultant
  • Fiona White
    Head of PR
  • Liam Hughes
  • Laura Turner
    Content Strategist
  • Alex Voiels
    Paid Search Consultant
  • Sophie Mattinson

Development & Design

  • Ravi Bhalla
    Technical Director
  • David Walsh
    Head of Development
  • Judy Leung
    Project Manager
  • Darryl Browne
    Web Developer
  • Peter Hubberstey
    Systems Administrator
  • Richard Hornby
    Web Designer
  • Mark Adams
    Front End Developer
  • Jiri Canderle
    Special Ops
  • Philip Gwilliam
  • Mark Webster
    Project Manager
  • Jack Thomas
    IT Technician
  • Carl Worthington
    Project Manager


  • 0161 390 0125
  • I.C.O.M. International Ltd, 131 Portland Street, Manchester, M1 4PY

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